What is the PU wheel? What are the characteristics of the Pu wheel?

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Update time : 2020-08-17 14:23:39

PU wheel commonly known as optimal force glue, rubber spring, called: carbamic acid polyester or polymer isocyanate resin. PU wheel is a kind of between plastic and rubber elastomer, its good strange comprehensive performance is common plastic and rubber.

PU material can be applied to footwear or bear the weight of fabrics, such as high-grade roller skate, skateboard wheels, PU pad, box, shopping on the wheel and other purposes, in the sports products, such as drift board, vigor board, ice skates, twisting, and so on some of young people favor sports leisure products, with its wheels are generally PU wheels. According to? Because, these products are required to bear the weight of individual, I now is to drift board for example, for example. A drift plate to tolerance of 100 kg range, its whole ?